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Awareness campaign for Albanian National Election 2021 

case study


CEC State Election Commission in Albania



Central election commission is the institution responsible for organization and administration of elections in Albania, yet I didn’t have the public attention especially online. The need to communicate the process of voting, results and everything related to election was huge. 

Solution & Impact

A proper branding of all channels was the first step.  The institution had different naming across channels, different logos and descriptions. We put all branding in place same name same logo and description. In addition, none of the channels were verified, so we verified, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. In terms of communication message, we supervised all promotional materials, printed, videos and online messages, in terms of content and design, managed social media and organized polls and other activities that would entice attention. We organized and run paid marketing across channels, Facebook Instagram, Google ads and Youtube.  The results in a 6 months period were amazing, in Facebook the growth was 250% from 4 K to 14 K, and in Instagram was 500% percent more. The reach amounted hundreds of thousands of people. In terms of communication, the message on voting procedures was understood massively, even though it was new process and the ballot paper were complex.



Website Design and Development 

Brochure design

Visit Gjirokastra tourism destination marketing

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