Paid Advertising

Pay per click (PPC)

Unless you have decided to outsource totally your marketing management to a specialized company, being small or big business, you need your in-house staff to carry on the marketing of your company.  But your business can never succeed if your team is not skilled in marketing. A consultancy company can design your marketing strategy but its implementation from in-house team is equally important. We will train your team to implement the strategy and measure its results as well as adapt and apply new skills.

Social Media ads

The popularity of social media has given rise to social media ads as a viable advertising strategy. We can run Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Instagram Ads among other social and digital platform with very good results. We define your goal in the marketing strategy, define audience characteristics and define ad format. We monitor ads performance and adapt as needed.

Other popular Paid Online Advertising tools are:

  • Banner Ads. Banner ads are a tried-and-true marketing option for many businesses.
  • Ad Retargeting.

social media ads
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Our agency can produce content for every business purpose, but most importantly advertising goods and services on behalf of a client. We will research, plan and create written content (known as copy) so that your  advertisements, slogans, blog posts, emails, website copy can attract customers attentions and mak