Manderina Promotions successfully ran a Social Media Competition using the hashtag #OurLakeOhrid, in the framework of a project for Protecting Lake Ohrid, founded by EU and implemented by UNESCO.
Manderina Promotions is one of the few companies in Tirana dealing with Social Media Marketing and Social Media Campaign on behalf of her clients.
In this online photo contest which lasted one month, almost  450 photos were posted on Facebook and Instagram.  In the end of this process resulted 10 winners which are shown in this photo:

Online photo contest is not only a way to promote your business, product, or project, but also a tool to invite community to be engaged and to contribute in what you are doing.
Even if you put a modest price for the winners, the competition is very serious and very impressive. This is also one of Social Media Strategies to raise the audience, through the number of likes, followers, which you can save if you continues to be serious and very communicative with your audiences even in the future.
We are happy to share this experience with you!