New name to reflect what we do best:  marketing + tourism consultancy
From its creation, Manderina positioning has been unique, focused in tourism marketing, and this change fully illustrate our identity which has evolved with the time while remaining true to its DNA. The know-how and expertise we have offered not only in destination branding, but also to tourism businesses of any kind, continues to make a difference in tourism sector in our country. 

The new name enforces our long experience from the creation of the company. Our name may have changed, but not our commitment to help businesses in Albania in their marketing efforts. No matter what sector they are operating. tourism, agriculture, education, healthcare or other sectors we can help their brand get the attention they deserve  
The change of the image and name is reflected in our website in line with new color branding.

Last but not least, we have currently moved to a new and brighter office
All our social media channels are renamed to reflect the change
Drop us a line if you have a new project, or just need a fresh eye in your marketing efforts. 😊

Manderina Marketing new logo

New Logo Manderina Marketing + Tourism Consultancy