We understand that your business has been in a difficult situation due to COVID-19. But when you touch the bottom, the only way is to go up. All of us learnt something new from this. We realized that we shouldn't put all eggs in one basket, but diversify our products/services; we learned to work more online, and get new skills.   

More than ever, time is now for your business to be online!. 

Our Services

Manderina Promotions is a digital marketing company in Tirana. We help businesses build their image and online sales channels!

Build Modern Website

Do not settle for social channels facebook or instagram, you need to build a website. Customers can see who you are, your experience, your offices, can choose the products and services they want. On social media your posts get lost among many others, and the website is the face of your business. Manderina Promotions helps you build an information website or online store:

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  • Simple Website
  • Ecommerce Website

Ads on Google / Facebook

Even if you have a website or social network with a lot of followers, to reach a larger audience, businesses need to invest in marketing campaigns on Google Facebook and Instagram. They can help you increase your followers and sell more. Manderina Promotions has undertaken many successful online campaigns for clients and projects and has reached hundreds of thousands of clicks.

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  • Maintenance Facebook / instagram
  • Ads on Google / Facebook / Instagram

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