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 Manderina Promotions took over the marketing of Theranda hotel in Tirana on August 2014, when the hotel had a very low booking. We started with some quick offer through and it gave quickly the results.

 Manderina Promotions then drafted a strategy to develop the boutique hotel concept followed by: SWOT analysis and  hotel’s positioning in the market.  As a result we implemented the new brand strategies in the journey of customer’s boutique experience. And this re-branding was applied in all areas

-Storytelling and the concept: Developing the boutique hotel concept based on “home feeling, best of Albanian hospitality” and warm welcome of a family business.

-Art & Photography. Collaborating with a photographer insetting and styling the rooms for each photo shoot and taking new, high quality and professional photos for all rooms

-Website design and development – we built a new responsive website with booking engine. In the new website, we made possible to integrate the front desk manager software with the reservation software. Furthermore, the booking engine is connected to Trip advisor fully using all its services, Trip Connect and Instant Booking, through which the hotels itself bids against other OTA, like Booking, Expedia and more.  Therefore incentivizing the direct booking through the website

Old html

Not responsive 
No booking engine

Booking engine 

Digital Marketing: We have applied a full digital marketing strategy, maintaining a high profile hotel in Tirana using several channels and tactics: Writing blogs about awards given from OTA and publishing to its blog in the website; publishing every day, photos, news about hotel and reviews of other clients in all social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On the other hand we have completed 100% the content asked from OTA in order to have an updated a complete hotel profile.


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