Synoia Albania-Launch of the new product

Synoia Albania-Launch of the new product

Synoia Albania – the cosmetic clinic wanted tolaunch a new product in Albania.

Synoia Albania is the official distributor ofWISHPro aesthetic device and treatment capsules. The beauty clinic wanted toenter the Albanian Market and organize a launching event

Door to door promotion

Manderina undertook a campaign and built adatabase for B2B meetings on Synoia behalf with the aim to introduce the newrevolutionary product to beauty salons, spa and other health clinics inAlbania. We build the database, introduced the product and set up meetings.


We designed a promotional campaign, drew an invitation, and draft a newslettercampaign and distributed it to all contacts.

We also designed a roll-up banner for the event.

Organizing the event

The Event was organized at a central hotel in Tirana. We adapted the room with allpromotional materials. It was a friendly event with targeted B2B audience,which included presentation of the product as well as live demonstration withparticipants. The event went very well and it generated request and contractsof sales.

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